How to spot a virus in an email.

The most popular way that viruses are spread is by links sent via email. Luckily there are very simple steps you can take to reduce your chances of falling victim to a virus.

First, do you know this person? Are you expecting a link from them? It is a simple but very effective test. If you do not know who sent the email and you are not expecting a link to be sent to you do not click on the link. It really is that simple. Just delete the email. Don’t let your curiosity fool you.

Secondly, look at the sender email address. It may say it is being sent from a big company name that you know but look closer. The actual address that it is being sent from will be some unusual domain name. Companies do not send emails to their customers using cryptic email addresses.

It is that simple. Following this two step check on your incoming emails will get you 99% protected.